Casters and Wheels for Industrial Material Handling and Commercial OEM Applications Requiring Heavy-Duty Capacity and Durability.

Contact: Phil Strouth to discuss your application and to place orders.
E-Mail:  [email protected]
Or Call:  336 - 362 - 1639
Contact: Phil Strouth to discuss your application and to place orders.
Phone: 336-362-1639
E-Mail:  [email protected]

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Phil Strouth with P Strouth LLC and heavy-dutycaster.com

E-Mail: [email protected]
At Heavy-Duty Industrial Caster and Wheels, we are dedicated to providing our customers knowledge, experience, and personal customer service.  By paying attention to your needs, we can assist you with a solution for the application required to move your product and get the job done.  We offer high quality, durable products at competitive prices.  Our main focus is supplying stainless steel industrial casters and wheels to oem and pharmaceutical or food companies.  Another focus is heavy-duty industrial casters and wheels such as dual wheel and kingpinless style casters used in energy related industry, military, and heavy equipment moving.  Also we are superior at supplying wheels and casters for industrial material handling equipment and processes.

I am Phil Strouth, owner and operator of P Strouth LLC (www.pstrouth.com).  In 1993, I graduated from Western Carolina University in North Carolina with a degree in Industrial Technology.  While at WCU, I was a three year letterman in football and recipient of the Wallace and Jeanette Hyde Scholarship.  My wife, Stephanie and I are the proud parents of four and we reside in Julian, North Carolina.  I enjoy investing, gardening, spending time with the family and watching our children participate in sports.

As well as owning P Strouth LLC, I have designed and created www.heavy-dutycaster.com in order to provide customers across the United States with the highest qaulity industrial and commercial casters and wheels on the market.  I have over 20 years of experience working with companies to solve their heavy-duty caster and wheel needs.   Heavy-duty-caster.com partners with many different manufacturers and all the vendor partners to give you the best selection, price and delivery on your caster and wheel needs.  We offer casters and wheels from the following manufacturers:  Albion, Bestway Casters, Caster Concepts, Caster Warehouse, Colson, Durable Superior Casters, Darcor, Hamilton Caster, Payson, Shepherd Caster, E.R. Wagner Caster, MedCaster, Jarvis, Pemco, Faultless, Bassick, LandCaster, Darnell-Rose, Blickle, Dorodo Casters, and others.
​So far www.heavy-dutycaster.com has been able to serve over 500 customers in over 25 different states.  Our specialty so far has been our heavy-duty semi-pneumatic swivel and rigid casters or our heavy-duty pneumatic casters.  I can see there is a strong need for this style of casters.  Our semi-pneumatic and pneumatic line of casters are unique because they are stronger and more durable than the cheaper versions you can purchase at some of the import national stores.  Our pneumatic caster line is made for oem, commercial, and industrial applications.  We use better pneumatic wheels and precision sealed ball bearings that allow them to last much longer and we have 3 different semi-pneumatic wheel options that will not go flat while in operation and use the precision sealed ball bearings. 
Another strong area of growth has been with our stainless steel casters.  We have light-duty stainless steel casters that are great for use on kitchen equipment, restaurant equipment, hospital equipment, and lab room equipment.  These are available with many different stem sizes or top plate options.  We also are providing oem kitchen and restaurant equipment manufacturers with medium and heavy duty stainless steel casters with top plates and great durability and wash down applications.  Marine equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and tanks, and lab room equipment have used our heavy duty stainless steel casters with brakes.
We also specialize in nursery casters as we have started supplying one of the largest nursery on the eastern seaboard with their medium duty casters and wheels.  These casters take a great deal of abuse traveling on the nursery grounds and onto trucks and eventually to the big box stores and back to the nursery.  We make sure to give them good quality casters at a great price because of the large volume of casters used.
And of course our heavy-duty and extreme-duty line of single and dual wheel casters have been in strong demand over the last two years.  Dual wheel casters for extreme heavy duty applications is a real strong suit for us based on how quickly we can ship these casters and our great price.  We also supply heavy duty cast floor locks.  Floor locks keep your carts in place when engaged.  Many other wheels and casters for industrial material handling applications are our specialty!

Call or e-mail me to place your order or to discuss your specific caster and wheel application.
We accept all forms of major payment.  Visa, Master Card, American Express, and check.  We have a credit application form to fill out to set up an account for credit terms.

Our Industrial Material Handling Equipment website can be found at www.pstrouth.com!!
Do you need industrial warehouse equipment? With over 20 years of experience, P Strouth LLC specializes in supplying industrial material handling equipment to clients across the US.

Phil Strouth accepts sales award from Mid at CMH Selling casters and wheels is great!
Mid Middleton presents sales award to Phil Strouth for top sales in 2014.  Phil sold many casters and wheels in 2014. heavy-dutycaster.com was a big part of the success we had this year.  Selling casters and wheels to industrial, commercial, and oem customers is a big part of my total sales for over 18 years of material handling experience.
"Hard work and perseverance will get the job done."
P. Strouth
The casters we represent and provide to our customers are from reputable manufacturers in the caster and wheel industry.  Our casters have been tested and go through quality control standards.  Some of the testing includes:
Push-Pull (Ergonomic) testing that measures the amount of force to start-up and maintain rolling load.
Capacity testing of both dynamic (rolling) and static (stationary) loads.
Material bonding, hardness, durometer, and color analysis tests.
Corrosion and salt spray tests for zinc plated and stainless steel casters.
Temperature range tests for hot and cold while under dynamic or static conditions.
Wheel bonding analysis.
Most of our manufacturers offer 3D models and 2D drawings of the casters we offer if needed for proposal or design build.

Phil Strouth and heavy-duty caster receive sales award
2015 Salesman of the Year for Phil Strouth!
2015 was another great year for Phil Strouth and www.heavy-dutycaster.com   
Over $60,000.00 of caster business was created by the heavy-dutycaster website alone.  We supplied over 80 new customers with stainless steel industrial casters & wheels, heavy duty industrial casters and wheels, and wheels and casters for industrial material handling equipment.  Help us keep growing our caster business and thank you to all our customers!
Phil Strouth
Phil Strouth at heavy-dutycaster.com and CMH
2016 was another great year for www.heavy-dutycaster.com !!  We supplied another 80 new customers with high quality casters at great prices.  This gives our customer great value when buying casters and wheels for their operations.  "Look forward to adding more great customers in 2017 and continuing to provide service and quality to our existing customer."  Phil Strouth
heavy-dutycaster.com receives a sales award for most casters sold in 2016 P Strouth
Another great year for heavy-dutycaster.com was had in 2017.  Again we grew our customer list to supplying over 500 customers with the best industrial casters on the market.  "Even more importantly we continue to sell casters and wheels to the customers we have established."  Phil Strouth