Casters and Wheels for Industrial Material Handling and Commercial OEM Applications Requiring Heavy-Duty Capacity and Durability.

Contact: Phil Strouth to discuss your application and to place orders.
E-Mail:  [email protected]
Or Call:  336 - 362 - 1639
Contact: Phil Strouth to discuss your application and to place orders.
Phone: 336-362-1639
E-Mail:  [email protected]

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Plain Axle
Plain Stainless Axle
Zerk Axle
Stainless Zerk Axle
Brake Shoulder Zerk Axle
Stainless Brake Shoulder Zerk Axle
All Axles Come with Correlating Nuts
Call for Information to Select the Correct Axle for Your Application
Roller Bearing for general duty applications
Caged Roller Bearing for more abusive applications
Flanged Ball Bearings popular on lower capacity wheels
Ball Bearing
Flanged or 2 piece Delrin Bearings extend wheel hub length
Sealed Precision Flanged Ball Bearings offer ergonomic solutions
Sealed Precision Flanged Ball Bearing

Roller Bearings are the standard bearing for general duty applications; they are cost effective and the best bearing for abusive and shock load applications.
Not recommended for applications where side thrust is present or on rigid casters used in constant circular turns. Requires periodical lubrication. Acceptable for high temperature applications when used with metal retainer washers.  Standard or Split Raceway Roller Bearings come complete with bearing assembly and hardened split outer raceway.  Stainless Steel Roller Bearings are rust resistant and come complete with bearing assembly and split outer raceway.  Caged Roller Bearings feature the same bearing assembly, but have an encased outer raceway, capable of taking more abuse than standard roller bearings with split outer raceway. Requires periodical lubrication. Acceptable for high temperature applications when used with metal retainer washers. Costs more than standard roller bearings. These bearings feature a solid outer raceway for grease retention. Will not cut inner core or softer wheels.

Standard or Split Raceway Roller Bearing
Stainless Steel Roller Bearing
Caged Roller Bearing
Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Roller Bearing

Delrin & bronze bearings are maintenance free, are very strong and have no moving parts to break; each material has certain advantages as follows:
Delrin: Economical and good for wash down applications. Using a delrin bearing with a spanner bushing is suggested for stability, when used in a caster application.  Flanged style or 2 piece Delrin Bearings are standard and extend wheel hubs to the desired length when used in a caster.  One piece Delrin Bearings fit flush inside wheel hubs.  Note:  In most cases, if used in casters there will be excessive space between wheel and hub and fork leg.
Bronze: 954 Aluminum Bronze is very strong (Tensile Strength 90,000 PSI) and is highly resistant to corrosion, wear and high temperatures.

Bronze Bearing 
Flanged style or 2 Piece Delrin Bearing
1 Piece Delrin Bearing
1 Piece Delrin Bearings have no moving parts to break
Bronze Bearings are resistant to extreme conditions

Sealed Precision Ball Bearings: offer an ergonomic solution; reducing friction & rolling resistance and require the least amount of force to start and maintain a rolling load; excellent for both manual mobility & tow line applications. Sealed precision bearings are maintenance Free! Not recommended for side thrust applications.
Tapered Roller Bearings: Heaviest duty type of roller bearings with the added advantage of tapered design. Inner & outer raceways are precision machined and heat treated. This is the best bearing for extreme duty loads & towing applications. Maximizes the weight capacity and mobility of the wheel. Requires periodical lubrication.
Top Hat Bushings: Used with precision ball bearings to provide exact amount of pressure on the inner raceway, prevent over tightening & stability, and adapts bore to desired axle size. May be used with plain bore wheels to provide exact spacing and adapts bore to desired axle size.
Sealed Precision Ball Bearing offer ergonomic solutions
Sealed Precision Ball Bearing
Tapered Roller Bearing are heaviest duty roller bearing
Top Hat Bushings for use with precision ball bearings
Tapered Roller Bearing
Top Hat Bushing

Sealed Precision Flanged Ball Bearings: Designed for use in non-metallic standard bore wheels and has an integrated bushing that touches in the middle, providing added strength and stability. Use of these bearings offers an ergonomic solution; reducing friction & rolling resistance and requires less amount of force to start and maintain a rolling load. Sealed precision bearings are maintenance Free! Not recommended for side thrust applications.
Flanged Ball Bearings: Offers improved mobility versus using a plain bore and are more econimical than other bearing types; popular on lower capacity wheels.

Steel Bushing
Stainless Bushing
Delrin Bushing
Plastic Combination Washer
Flat Steel Washer
Sintered Iron Combo Washer
Stainless Steel Washer
Steel With Neoprene Washer

• Seals upper and lower swivel raceways for use on 27, 39, 67 & 69 caster series.
• Seals bearing raceway from dirt and debris, improves grease retention, can reduce noise and may prolong caster life.
• Temperature ranges: Standard -up to 140 ° F, High Temperature Neoprene Seals -20° F to 350° F.
• Unique design fits into correlating position lock notches - 4 position locks may not be used in conjunction with raceway seals.
Rubber Seals prolong caster life
High Temperature Neoprene Seals  for extreme temperatures
Standard Rubber Seal
High Temp Neoprene Seal
Floor Locks offer a foot activated braking option for equipment & carts to be used in conjunction with casters of similar heights and have a spring locking mechanism; when retracted, the casters and the cart they are attached to, can roll freely; however once the spring loaded pedal is depressed, the floor lock base with non-slip rubber pad is extended to create forceful resistance with the floor to immobilize the equipment.  Floor locks aid in immobilizing equipment.  They are not designed to be a jack, and do not lift or directly support weight.  Floor locks hold floor trucks in place and are foot operated.  The three different types of floor locks are Kick Bar Floor Lock, Pedal Lever Floor Lock, and Forged Floor Lock.

Kick Bar Floor Lock
Pedal Lever Floor Lock
Forged Floor Lock
Thumb Screw Brake
Top Lock Brake
Stainless Top Lock Brake
Vertical Top Lock Brake
Tech Lock Brake Closed
Tech Lock Brake Open
Face Contact Brake
Face Contact Brake
Economy Cam Brake
Side Cam Brake
A Cam Brake
Thread Guards protect bearings from debris and wheel hub and axle from getting threads, stretch wrap, etc; from getting wound around them and binding; which could prevent the wheel from turning and prematurely wearing out.
Thread guards will not work with plain bore wheels and must be used in conjunction with some type of bearing or bushing.
Thread Guards protect bearings
Quick Change Pads offer a quick and efficient way of changing out casters on a piece of equipment; whether you change worn out casters for new ones or use the pad to alternate between casters and legs; this small investment will pay for itself many times over in the maintenance time saved. We have two main types:
• Spring Clip type: Can be welded or bolted onto equipment, once plate is fastened on equipment it does not require tools to install or change out casters.
• Bolt type: Comes un-plated to be welded onto equipment, requires tool wrench to install & change out casters.

Bolt Type Plate must be welded onto equipment
No tools required to change casters with Spring Clip Plate
Bolt Type Plate

Spring Clip Plate
Expandable Adapter Kits are available in a range of sizes that are comprised of 4 parts: Bottom washer, plastic support piece, rubber expander and the fastener. Kits fit on any 1/2-13 x 2-1/2+ threaded stems; we recommend using our 70 stem (1/2-13 x 2-3/4).
Choose a kit that at the low end of the expansion range that fits your tubing I.D., once stem is installed into tubing begin turning either the lower nut (under the raceway) or the raceway itself by hand or any hex raceway with a wrench; as the rubber piece begins to grip the inside of the tube, the fastener will tighten down on the rubber piece and expand it to hold the caster in the tubing, the stem should be tightened so that there is no movement or possibility of the caster stem coming lose. Round adapters may also be used in square tubing; however you may need to use the next size up for it to fit and grip correctly.
#ADP7615 adapter (76) for the popular 1-1/2” I.D. has a screw or ribbed design that enables a tighter initial fit and quicker installation.
Expandable Adaptable
Screw adapter into pipe; 7/16 grip ring stem may then be installed into adapter.
Pipe Thread Stem Adapter
Grip Ring Stem
Tubing Socket Adapters fit tightly into tubing I.D. provides a strong and secure point to install a caster with a 7/16 grip ring stem. 

Tubing Sockets and Brackets
Tubing Socket
Round Adapter
Tubing Socket
Square Adapter
180° Bracket
Corner Bracket
Bumpers help protect equipment from impact shock as well as walls and doors from dents and scratches. Caster bumper and corner bumpers are  made out of polyurethane, corner bumpers are reinforced with a steel insert. Donut handle bumper is made out of rubber.
Caster Bumper
Corner Bumpers
Donut Handle Bumper
Weld Plates are un-plated with a light anti-rust treatment and are used by welding the plate onto a piece of equipment as a reinforcement or an aid in attaching casters. Shim plates are zinc plated and are meant to be bolted between the equipment and the caster plate as a shim to increase the, height of the caster. Plates match the common size and bolt hole patterns of our most popular caster series.
Rubber dolly end cap fits the standard dimensions of moving dollies and offers a cushion buffer and non-slipping surface.
Fits 18 x 3 end board and is 1” deep.
Spring loaded latches are available for a variety of applications.  Some of these applications are:
• Caster Locks
• Shipping Racks
• Industrial Containers
• Collapsible Shelves
• Industrial Rollers
Round Barrel - Angeled Plunger
Round Barrel - Round Nose Plunger
Hexagon Barrel - Beveled Plunger

E-Mail: [email protected]
                        Roller Bearings
Delrin and Bronze Bearings
Sealed Precision Ball Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings, Top Hat Bearings
Flanged Ball Bearings
180° Bracket is designed to be screwed or welded onto equipment frame, made to secure 7/16 inch grip ring stem caster.