Casters and Wheels for Industrial Material Handling and Commercial OEM Applications Requiring Heavy-Duty Capacity and Durability.

Contact: Phil Strouth to discuss your application and to place orders.
E-Mail:  [email protected]
Or Call:  336 - 362 - 1639
Contact: Phil Strouth to discuss your application and to place orders.
Phone: 336-362-1639
E-Mail:  [email protected]

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Light-Duty Industrial Casters and Wheels are best suited for premium food service, material handling carts & institutional applications. These swivel and rigid casters are made specifically for customers wanting the advantages of quality over price.  Many wheel, brake, top plate, and stem options available.   Capacity 210-350 pounds.
Light-Duty Stainless Steel Industrial Casters and Wheels are commonly used for the following applications: food processing, food service, labs, hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, oem requirements, wash down applications.  This series of stainless steel swivel & rigid casters are designed for stringent chemical and wash down applications.  Capacity 210-350 lbs
Light-duty swivel plate caster with hard rubber wheel
Light-duty stainless steel swivel plate caster with solid polyeurethane wheel with delrin bearing

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Medium-Duty Casters and Wheels are one of the most commonly used. Popular applications include: various carts, trucks, dollies, racks & equipment for industrial warehousing, hospitality, food service, food processing, retail displays, & endless medium duty applications. There are dozens of wheel, bearings, brakes and options to choose from. Capacity 400 - 1,250 pounds.  Industry standard popular 4" x 4.5" top plate; 2" wide tread width wheels serve many caster applications.
Medium-Duty Stainless Steel Casters and Wheels are wash down friendly. Popular applications include: clean rooms, labs, medical & hospital facilities, animal cages, pharmaceutical plants, autoclaves, food processing, bakeries, dairy, food service, catering, chemical factories, marine environments, fisheries, cruise ships, high temp ovens.  Capacity 400 - 1,250 pounds.  Industry standard popular 4" x 4.5" top plate; 2" wide tread width wheels; stainless bearings & delrin bearings avail.
Medium-Duty Spring Loaded Swivel Casters and Wheels offer load protection from shock and vibration and reduces rolling noise. Most commonly used for: transporting sensitive materials, aircraft maintenance and ground support equipment, tool chests, etc.  Capacity 500 - 700 pounds.  4.5" x 6.25" top plate; 5" x 2" wheels and 6" x 2" wheels
Medium-Heavy-Duty Kingpinless Swivel Casters and Wheels popular applications include:  various carts, platform trucks, dollies and racks used in both tow line, motor assisted and manual applications in manufacturing, assembly & processing plants, automotive plants, air cargo, ground support, freight terminals, warehousing, military, trash containers, tow line & shock load applications.  Capacity 400 - 2,000 pounds.  Standard 4" x 4.5" top plate; 2" wide tread width wheels
Heavy-Duty Forged Steel Kingpinless Casters & Wheels provide long life, top performance and nearly indestructible. Made of ASTM1045 steel w/ 5/16" drop forged top plate, 3" dia. race, 3/8" thick legs double welded. Used in tow line & shock load applications, air cargo & ground support equipment, heavy-duty platform trucks & gang tool boxes, military equip., freight terminal carts.  Capacity 400 - 6,000 pounds. 4.5"x6.25" top plate or 5.25"x7.25" top plate; 3" wide tread width wheels.
Extreme-Heavy-Duty Kingpinless Casters and Wheels provide durability and perform under extreme conditions.  ASTM1045 steel w/ 1/2" or 5/8" drop forged top plate, 4.5" or 7" forged race, 3/8" or 1/2" formed legs double welded. Used in tow line & shock load applications, tractor pulled trailers, heavy-duty military equipment, gantry cranes; mobile storage equipment & carousel applications.Capacity 2,000 - 11,000 pounds. 6.25"x7.5" or 8.5"x8.5" top plate, 3" & 4" tread width wheels.
Extreme-Heavy-Duty Dual Wheel Kingpinless Casters and Wheels ASTM 1045 steel w/ large drop forged top plates, raceways, and legs.  Ideal for tow line & shock loads, production dollies & trucks, boat & ship const., metal fab, automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery, mobile home, air cargo, transport vehicles, storage tanks, gantry cranes, heavy-duty processing equipment, machinery moving & rigging equipment. Capacity 1,600 - 40,000 pounds. 2", 3", & 4" wide dual wheels.
Semi-Pnuematic Casters and Wheels  No flats! Higher capacities.  Used for nursery & greenhouse carts, beverage delivery trucks, ground maintenance carts, rough terrain environments, carts for sensitive computer equip. requiring smooth cushioned & quite ride, hotel cart casters. Capacity 250 - 850 pounds. 4"x4.5" & 4.5"x6.25" top plates. 2.75" - 3.5" wide wheels.
Heavy-Duty Wheels We have the largest variety of wheels and bearings for casters. Wheels that offer floor protection, load capacity, high heat or cold. Water, chemical, oil, grease, wash down resistance wheels. Ergonomic rolling features with delrin, roller, precision ball, tapered roller, annular bearings. Color and material options.  V-Groove, Ductile Steel, forged steel, elastomer, polyurethane, rubber, semi-pneumatic, polyolefin, nylon, phenolic, stainless steel wheels. 1.25" wide - 4" wide available in 3" - 16" diameter wheels;  from 200 pound to 20,000 pound capacities. 
Accessories  We offer all the available options and accessories that can be used on casters and wheels. All types of brakes, swivel locks, floor locks, bearings, axles, spanner bushings, thread guards, retaining washers, swivel raceway seals, quick change caster pads and plates, and heavy-duty swivel turntables.
6" x 2" phenolic wheel with roller bearing medium-duty swivel caster 1,200# capacity
Stainless steel medium-duty swivel caster with 5" x 2" polyurethane wheel with delrin bearing 1,000# capacity
8" x 2" ductile steel wheel with tapered roller bearings
heavy-duty kingpinless swivel caster with face contact brake 8"x3" elastomer wheel with precision ball bearings 3,000# capacity
extreme-heavy-duty swivel caster with 10"x4" drop forged steel wheel with tapered roller bearings 11,000# capacity
12"x4"x2 ductile steel dual kingpinless swivel casters with tapered bearings 34,000# capacity
floor lock to mount to platform trucks or carts
precision ball bearings with 1/2" id
6" x 3" ductile steel v-groove wheel with tapered bearing
4" wheel, swivel caster
Medium-Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Kingpinless Casters and Wheels are for wet, damp, or harsh environment applications including:  food processing plants, slaughter houses, fish hatcheries, pharmaceutical laboratories. Capacity 400 - 2,000 pounds. 4" x 4.5" top plate; 2" tread width wheels. Stainless steel roller, precision, & plain bore bearings available. Large selection of wheels & bearings for a range of applications.
How to Select Casters and Wheels For Your Application

Load Capacity:
To determine the load capacity you will need for each caster or wheel, divide the total weight to be moved by the number of casters or wheels.
Total Load ÷ Casters or Wheels on Cart
= Minimum Load Capacity Per Caster or Wheel 
However sometimes we divide the total load by a factor of 3 if you are using four casters to ensure you more than enough safety and capacity built into your design.  Sometimes floors are uneven or you may have an unevenly distributed live load and need the extra capacity to spare.  Also you need to take into consideration the caster pattern for your design.  Most common is two rigid casters on one end of each corner and two swivel casters on the other end rof each corner.  Or you can have all four swivel casters in the corners.  Another caster pattern is the diamond style where you have two rigid casters in the middle of the cart and one swivel caster in the middle of each end of the cart.  This allows 360 degree rotation.  You can also do this same style with two rigid casters in the middle and a swivel caster in each corner so you have six total casters under the cart.  This allows for greater capacity and 360 degree rotation and stability so the cart will not flip.
Ratings are based on intermittent usage over smooth floors at a speed of up to 2.5 mph.  (Heavy loads moved at high speeds can cause the bonding agent that holds the tire on the wheel center to break down.)
Caution:  If you have an application where the cart is moved mechanically (tow motor, tow line, tug cart, forklift, etc.) you should use a kingpinless caster.  This is because the shock loading on these casters can exceed the maximum capacity and cause premature kingpin failure if a swivel caster with kingpin is used.  

Safety and Ergonomics:
While many factors need to be considered, you can reduce work related injuries and maximize productivity and efficiency by following these tips:
  •  Select the largest practical wheel diameter and anti-friction bearings your application will permit
  •  The larger the wheel diameter, the easier it will roll
  •  Wheels with anti-friction bearings (tapered, ball, or roller) roll easier than wheels with a plain bore or delrin bearings

Operating Conditions:
Each wheel has unique physical properties which need to be considered for specific applications.
Consider these factors when selecting a caster or wheel:
  • Are shock loads, impact, or abuse likely
  • How will the equipment be moved, mechanically or manually
  • What speed will it be rolling
  • Will the caster or wheel come into contact with oil/grease, water, chemicals
  • What is the condition of the floor surface
  • Will they be rolling over debris, floor joints, etc.​

Extreme Conditions:
We have wheels capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -50°F to 1,300°F.  We offer both high temperature and low temperature grease.

Floor Protection:
The floor type and condition that the wheel will be rolling on must be considered to determine the proper wheel for your application.  Repetitive rolling over the same path with wheels having a hard surface will eventually wear the surface of even concrete floors.   Protection of hardwood floors in homes or gymnasiums will require wheels with soft non-marking rubber tread tires.  Often times these soft rubber treads will not offer the needed capacity and wheels with polyurethane treads will be needed.   We can help you select the right wheel for your specific application.

Cost Efficiency:
Let us help you insure longer caster/wheel life and maximum productivity by assisting you in selecting the right casters and wheels for your specific application.  The right choice can help avoid down time and early replacement.