Casters and Wheels for Industrial Material Handling and Commercial OEM Applications Requiring Heavy-Duty Capacity and Durability.

Contact: Phil Strouth to discuss your application and to place orders.
E-Mail:  [email protected]
Or Call:  336 - 362 - 1639
Contact: Phil Strouth to discuss your application and to place orders.
Phone: 336-362-1639
E-Mail:  [email protected]

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Roadies® Casters and Wheels  After much research, engineering and extensive testing; we have produced a flexible elastomer tread wheel, soft enough to easily roll over cords, thresholds and debris, offering an exceptional cushioned ride up and down ramps, maximizing protection to equipment from excessive vibration, while holding more weight than competitors soft rubber wheels. The tensile strength of the Roadie®'s unique tread material helps prevent tearing, chunking, flat spoting, de-bonding and premature excessive wear. Ultra-strong aluminum wheel core is durable yet lightweight. The Roadie®'s yoke is stamped and formed out of 3/16” cold rolled steel and features deeply embossed double ball raceways with hardened steel balls for smooth, reliable, swiveling action; the entire caster yoke is heat treated for strength and long service life. Just like the men & women behind the scenes for which this caster is named: The Roadie® will work hard to make sure every show goes on, without the headaches of casters that don’t perform well.

• Ultra strong, soft tread, flexible elastomer wheel rolls easily over cords, thresholds and debris and offers a cushioned ride on uneven surfaces such as truck ramps, etc.
• Roadie® LT has a 1-1/4" wide rubber on alumimum wheel; has less weight capacity and is more economical.
• Wheel features roller bearing for improved mobility; capable of taking excessive abuse.
• Double ball raceways offer responsive swiveling action and durability, are sealed to protect bearings from dirt & debris; ensuring a smooth performance.
• Heavy-duty caster yoke is stamped and formed from 3/16” cold rolled steel.
• Optional Total-locking brake simultaneously locks both the swivel raceway & wheel.
  Entire caster yoke is heat treated for a long, reliable service life.
• Standard zinc plated finish is attractive & corrosion resistant. 
• Features popular top plate pattern used on mobile cases. 
• 3/8” axle with zerk grease fitting in axle for maintenance.
Roadie Casters provide a cushioned ride for sound equipment constantly used on the road.
Roadie Casters provide a smooth roll for delicate lighting equipment.
Roadie Caster with elastomer wheel  rolls easily over cords
Roadie casters can take excessive abuse
Brass plated easy to roll roadie caster
Brass plated Roadie caster designed for hotel and hospitality industry
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