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Casters and Wheels for Industrial Material Handling and Commercial OEM Applications Requiring Heavy-Duty Capacity and Durability.

Contact: Phil Strouth to discuss your application and to place orders.
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Contact: Phil Strouth to discuss your application and to place orders.
Phone: 336-362-1639
E-Mail:  [email protected]

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Greenhouse and Nursery Casters and Wheels are designed specifically to endure the harsh environments that Nursery & Greenhouse carts experience from being pushed up and down delivery ramps, running into curbs and other obstacles; being rolled over rough, dirty and uneven terrains and being left outdoors in the elements and sun.
High Temperature Casters and Wheels are used in bakeries, autoclave, etc. and are resistant to oil, grease, most acids, cleaning solutions, and chemicals.
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Leveling Caster and Wheels are needed in the following applications: Computer racks, conveyor stands, medical & laboratory equipment, printers, copiers, electronic enclosures, manufacturing machinery and automation enclosures, business & vending machines, shop equipment, diagnostic equipment, etc.
Spring Loaded Gate Casters and Wheels where gates and rotating or sliding doors are used.
Medical Furniture Casters and Wheels applications include hospital beds, clean rooms, laboratories, healthcare beds, hospital casters, IV poles, gurneys, stretchers, and all medical equipment.
Machine Casters & Wheels are low profile and made to withstand heavy loads for office machines, vending machines, appliances, freezer units, copiers, etc.

Roadie™ Casters and Wheels are used for moving audio visual equipment, instruments, lighting, computer and electronic equipment and to help reduce constant load shock.
Shopping Cart Casters and Wheels are built for durability, good swiveling action, rolling ease, and floor protection.  
Shopping Cart Caster with polyurethane on polyolefin wheels
Roadie™ Caster w/light weight aluminum core wheel
Leveling Caster w/powder coated cast aluminum frame
Spring Loaded Caster with compression spring
casters and wheels for hospitality carts and buggies
oem medical furniture casters for all types of equipment
greenhouse rubber wheel swivel caster for nursery carts
solid rubber semi-pneumatic caster for nursery and greenhouse carts
threaded stem caster for vending machines
High temp phenolic wheels for bakery and autoclave
high temp and autoclave casters for high temp applications
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Rol Kleen Textile Casters are built for industrial textile applications where thread build up is a problem for rolling ability.  This casters helps eliminate thread and debris around the wheels and swivel race making it much easier to clean.  Check out the you tube video on textile casters
Rol Kleen Textile Caster for minimal thread build up

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Electrically Conductive and Anti-Static Caster Wheels Can Be an Important Solution for Many Industrial and Commercial Material Handling Equipment

by Phil Strouth on 07/31/17

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be created by swivel and rigid caster wheels when they are rolled across the floor. In some applications the buildup of electricity can be harmful to the products being transported on the cart.  The operator can also be shocked when touching the steel or plastic cart.  If you are in the medical instrumentation market, electrical or semi-conductor production market, automotive industry, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, or chemical industries then you may need anti-static caster wheels.  Not to mention flammable or highly explosive environments then it is best to have a wheel that dissipates an electric charge.

Most of the conductive wheels that we use for these applications are made of a thermoplastic rubber compound on poly core.  The wheels in the picture are a grey Performa wheel with precision ball bearings and are non marking.  They have a capacity of 410 lbs. and are 6” diameter x 2” wide tread width.  These are available in 3” up to 8” in varying capacities.

Performa Conductive wheels have been rigorously tested and approved by an independent lab and meet the requirements of federal specification FF-C-88C. This specification requires an average electrical resistance of less than 250,000 ohms. For other wheel sizes, please consult factory for availability.

Temperature Range: -45ºF to +180ºF intermittent service (120º continuous service)

Hardness: 75(±5) Durometer Shore A scale

·         Easy rolling and turning – for ergonomic advantage

·         Quiet rolling, impact resistant, and very floor protective

·         Absorbs shock to help protect equipment

·         Maximum weather-ability and resistance to chemicals, water and steam

·         USA-Made for fast lead times and the highest quality

·         Rejects floor debris, such as metal shavings, for long service life

Not to mention the Colson Performa wheel is all MADE IN THE USA!!!

Let me know if you have an application for conductive wheels and anti-static casters in your industrial or commercial material handling applications.  We can help!

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